Summer 2012 demo

by Rule in Exile



Rich: vocals, guitar
Mark: bass guitar
Dennis: drums
Andy: lead guitar, backing vocals

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released August 1, 2012

All Songs (C)2012 Rule In Exile



all rights reserved


Rule in Exile San Francisco, California

We have only just climbed down from the trees a short while ago and are adjusting to our new environs.

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Track Name: Half An Hour Before the Riot
Sis joined the resistance
Sunday coming home
Santa made a list
and then he dropped it in a hole
with a bay of empty boxes
and an ocean out on loan
"I'm so glad I took a look
inside your showroom doors..."

layer after layer
we've built this thing upon
you're standing like an alien
on margins whose decline
into a complicated circumstance
no matter how you try it
i set my false alarm
for half an hour before the riot...

so keep on the masks until the cameras are disabled
the revolution has been permanently tabled
get the ammo, food, the batteries cause
they're not restoring order
and stay awake and talk to me
until we're safe across the border.
Track Name: Let Your Love Come Down
i love to see you when the morning comes
at least until you're gone
i often wonder if another one
is taking up your time
and if you still want mine

and even if it's true then tell me what it proves
and do you see some secret message for you?

let your love come down

we need to work less, make less, make love more
it was a lovely time
when you just stopped trying
all you could offer me was what you stole
and is it getting old
not giving up control?

let your love come down
let your love come down
Track Name: When The Party Needs Us Our Hearts Are Filled With Hatred
when i was young, then i was young
and i thought the sun was a ball in the sky
and everything had a place, and was in place
and everything with a place had a time to die.

i been down, been kicked around
and i gotta get out of here.

unsigned, fur-lined, half-time, pop-psych, never liked Michael Stipe
bull-dyke, kick mic, overheads and toms,
"if it's on, when it's on, then it's on"

now airborne,
weightless, there's no sound,
don't think i'm ever coming,

when i was older, then i was old
and i was waiting for a cure to finally arrive.
i kept my mouth shut, they gave me the wheel
now we're headed for the edge, already starting to slide...